About Us

Bio veda Ayurvedic Hill Resort was founded by Sunil (RAMESH KUMAR) and his family. He is from an Ayurvedic family with more than 300 years of Ayurvedic treatment history. When Sunil was 5 years old, he started to follow his grandfather and father to pick up herbs from fields and mountains, which is how Sunil began gaining his knowledge about the functions of different types of herbs and the best timing to pick these herbs. Starting from a very young age, Sunil was involved in every process of making herbal medicine and herbal oils in the traditional family ways. He was always on site when his grandfather or father treated patients. At age 11, Sunil became responsible for collecting the herbs which they needed to treat their patients. Sunil also has the heritage of his father's talent as a great Ayurveda massage therapist. From age 15, Sunil started to give treatments on his own. In early 2000, Sunil started his first Ayurveda treatment center in Gao called Bio Veda Ayurvedic Retreat, at which he trained all of the therapists. Also at that time, he began to attract western clients, travelling great distances to meet him, looking for cures for their long time aliments including diabetes, obesity, insomnia, weak immune system, skin problems, digestion problems, back pain, frozen shoulders, stress and other health challenges. He then began training more students, including European customers who wanted to gain his knowledge after experiencing what they considered miracles after long-term suffering. Some of his local students are now working in the US, UK, France and other European counties as Ayurvedic massage therapists.

Sunil still follows his family's traditional recipes, inscribed on palm leaves (if you are lucky, Sunil will show you the original copy) to make his traditional herbal medicines and herbal massage oils. He believes that we should live to enjoy life, not to suffer it, and through proper treatment and proper diet we can shift slowly to a healthier life style and in turn a better quality life. He and his team are always ready to help you and guide you to make your life healthier, happier and richer.

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